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2014 World Conference against A & H Bombs

Adopted Documents

Decleration of Intenational Meeting

Letter from Nagasaki to All Governments of the World

Messages From Governments And International Organizations

United Nations







New Zealand

South Africa


International Committee of the Red Cross

Schedule & Program (Provisional)

International Meeting, 2014 World Conference against A & H Bombs August 2-4, 2014 Hiroshima

Session I: Damage of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; Inhumanity of Nuclear Weapons; Total Ban on Nuclear Weapons
Session II: For a World without Nuclear Weapons: Overcoming Nuclear Deterrence Theory, Peaceful Resolution of Conflicts; Safe and Secure Life and Environment
Session III: A Treaty on a Total Ban of Nuclear Weapons; A World without Nuclear Weapons; Roles of Peace Movements and Civil Society

2014 World Conference against A & H Bombs - Hiroshima, August 5- 6, 2014

2014 World Conference against A & H Bombs - Nagasaki, August 8- 9, 2014

August 1 (Fri.)
AfternoonArrival in Hiroshima; Dedication of flowers to Hiroshima A-Bomb Memorial Cenotaph (Peace Park); Visit to Peace Memorial Museum
15:00-Registration (2F, Hotel Sunroute Hiroshima)
19:00-20:00Information meeting for overseas delegates (2F, Hotel Sunroute Hiroshima)
August 2 (Sat.)
MorningVisit to A-bomb hospitals (TBA)
14:00-19:00Opening & Plenary Sessions, International Meeting:
(Ginga, 3F, Hiroshima Bunka Koryu Kaikai Hall)
August 3 (Sun.)
09:30-12:30Plenary Sessions, International Meeting: (Ginga, 3F, Bunka Koryu Kaikan Hall)
14:00-18:00Workshops, International Meeting: (Ginga-A and Ginga-B of Bunka Koryu Kaikan Hall and Tsuru Gakuen School Room #201)
20:00 -Drafting Committee Meeting (2F, Hotel Sunroute Hiroshima)
August 4 (Mon.)
09:30-11:00Closing Session, International Meeting: (Ginga, Bunka Koryu Kaikan Hall)
14:00-16:30Opening Plenary, 2014 World Conference – Hiroshima(Green Arena, Prefectural Gymnasium)
(Related Event)
Youth Rally 2014 & Cultural Evening (Small Arena, Prefectural Gymnasium)
August 5 (Tue.)
09:30-15:00Workshops and field trips (different venues throughout Hiroshima City)
13:00-16:00International Forum: Dialogue between Governments and NGOs
(Related Event)
No Nukes! Women’s Forum 2014 (Small Arena, Prefectural Gymnasium)
August 6 (Wed.)
08:00-08:45Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony (Peace Park)
10:30-13:00Closing Plenary, 2014 World Conference – Hiroshima(Green Arena, Prefectural Gymnasium)
19:30-20:30Lantern Floating ceremony (Motomachi River Park)
August 7 (Thu.)
07:30-15:00Move to Nagasaki by chartered bus; Visit to Nagasaki A-Bomb Park & A-Bomb
August 8 (Fri.)
13:00-16:00International Forum: (Nakabe Auditorium, Nagasaki University)
August 9 (Sat.)
10:30-13:002014World Conference - Nagasaki Day Rally
14:00-15:00Nagasaki Day Street Signature Campaign (Kuroganebashi Bridge)
EveningFarewell Party (Washington Hotel)

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