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2013 World Conference against A & H Bombs


2013 World Conference against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs--Declaration of the International Meeting

Messages from the United Nations and National Governments to the 2013 World Conference against A & H Bombs

Schedule & Program (Provisional)

International Meeting, 2013 World Conference against A & H Bombs August 3-5, 2013 Hiroshima

2013 World Conference against A & H Bombs - Hiroshima, August 5- 6, 2013

2013 World Conference against A & H Bombs - Nagasaki, August 7 - 9, 2013

August 2 (Fri.)
AfternoonArrival in Hiroshima; Dedication of flowers to Hiroshima A-Bomb Memorial Cenotaph (Peace Park); Visit to Peace Memorial Museum
15:00-Registration (2F, Hotel Sunroute Hiroshima)
19:00-20:00Information meeting for overseas delegates (2F, Hotel Sunroute Hiroshima)
August 3 (Sat.)
MorningVisit to A-bomb hospitals (TBA)
14:00-19:00Opening & Plenary Sessions, International Meeting:
(Ginga, 3F, Hiroshima Bunka Koryu Kaikai Hall)
August 4 (Sun.)
09:30-12:30Plenary Sessions, International Meeting: (Ginga, 3F, Bunka Koryu Kaikan Hall)
14:00-18:00Workshops, International Meeting: (Ginga-A and Ginga-B of Bunka Koryu Kaikan Hall and Tsuru Gakuen School Room #201)
20:00 -Drafting Committee Meeting (2F, Hotel Sunroute Hiroshima)
August 5 (Mon.)
10:00-11:30Closing Session, International Meeting: (Ginga, Bunka Koryu Kaikan Hall)
18:30-20:30Solidarity Forum of Overseas Delegates and Citizens of Hiroshima(Ginga, Bunka Koryu Kaikan Hall)
August 6 (Tue.)
08:00-08:45Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony (Peace Park)
13:00-15:30Hiroshima Day Rally (Green Arena, Hiroshima Prefectural Gymnasium)
19:30-20:30Lantern Floating Ceremony (Motomachi River Park)
August 7 (Wed.)
MorningMove to Nagasaki by chartered bus
15:30-18:00Opening Plenary, World Conference - Nagasaki (Nagasaki Shimin Kaikan Gymnasium)
Related Event
18:30-Youth Rally: Ring! Link! Zero 2013 (Nagasaki Shimin Kaikan Gymnasium)
August 8 (Thu.)
09:30-15:00Workshops and field trips (different venues in Nagasaki City)
13:00-16:00International Forum: Dialogue between Governments and NGOs (Nakabe Auditorium, Nagasaki University)
Related Event
18:00-No Nukes! Women’s Forum 2013 (Nagasaki Shimin Kaikan Gymnasium)
August 9 (Fri.)
10:30-13:00Closing Plenary, 2013 World Conference - Nagasaki(Nagasaki Shimin Kaikan Gymnasium)
AfternoonNagasaki Day Street Signature Campaign (Kuroganebashi Bridge)
EveningFarewell Party (Washington Hotel)


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