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Upholding the work of relieving and supporting the Hibakusha as one of its fundamental aims since its founding, Gensuikyo has worked together with the A-bomb survivors to inform the public in Japan and internationally of the damage and after-effects of the atomic bombing, of the current situation of the Hibakusha and the appeals that they are making, and to demand justice and compensation for the Hibakusha and to appeal for the creation of a nuclear weapon-free world.

In the solidarity movement for the world nuclear victims, Gensuikyo has sent a number of delegations to communities which have become victims of nuclear tests and nuclear development, including the Marshall Islands, Downwind areas of Nevada Test Site, Semipalatinsk, Tahiti, and Fiji. The delegation members included doctors and scientists with professional knowledge on the issue to investigate and help with the health and radiation situation of the local people. At every year's World Conference, representatives of nuclear victim communities make appeals to the world in regard to their suffering and for solidarity and exchange information on their struggles.

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