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StatementWe Oppose Military Attack on Syria and Demand Peaceful Solution of the Problem
Yasui Masakazu, Secretary General, Japan Council against A and H Bombs
September 3, 2013

The Obama Administration is planning to attack Syria on a unilateral assumption that Al-Assad Administration has used chemical weapons against opposition forces. 

The use of chemical weapons is a violation of international law, a sin against humanity, which cannot be accepted for any reason whatsoever.  International community should work together to eliminate them.  The role of investigating into the facts and taking necessary steps, however, is the role to be assumed by the United Nations and its Security Council.  In fact, the U.N. has sent an investigation team to Syria and is now working on it.

To resort to military attack based on a unilateral decision is, even for a military superpower, an unlawful action subverting the basic rule of peace stipulated by the U.N. Charter.  We call on President Obama to immediately cancel the plan to launch military attacks.

The number of deaths in Syria since the start of the civil war has exceeded 110,000.  The earliest possible end to the civil war and the peaceful settlement of the conflict are urgently called for.
Both the government of Syria and the opposition forces should refrain from the use of force and engage in political dialogues.  Further, the military intervention from outside, as well as the provision of arms to any party from outside only aggravates the situation.

We call on all governments concerned to stop providing arms to warring parties.  We also call on them to support the efforts for a peaceful settlement of the crisis by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and endeavor to resolve the issue peacefully, while respecting the sovereignty of the relevant country.