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StatementWe Protest against Remarks of Cabinet Legislation Bureau Director-General Affirming Japan’s Possible Use of Nuclear Weapons and Demand Their Withdrawal

Abe Shinzo, Prime Minister
Yokobatake Yusuke, Director-General of the Cabinet Legislation Bureau

March 19, 2016
Japan Council against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs

On March 18, Yokobatake Yusuke, Director-General of the Cabinet Legislation Bureau said in the Upper House Budget Committee, “We don’t think that the use of all kinds of nuclear weapons is prohibited under the Constitution, though it is limited to the minimum level possible to defend the country.” We mount our strong protest to these unconscionable remarks affirming the use of nuclear weapons, and demand their immediate withdrawal.

It is self-evident that the use of nuclear weapons cannot withstand the Constitution of Japan, which denounces war, possession of arms and the right of belligerency.

Under the Abe Cabinet, an affirmative statements on the role of nuclear weapons by senior official continue, including Defense Minister Nakatani who admitted the possibility of Japan’s SDF transporting nuclear weapons. This even shows a danger that the present uncontrolled drive of Abe politics, such as the ramming of the War Laws that enable the use of arms overseas and the pursuit of the protection by the U.S. “nuclear umbrella”, will lead to approve the use of nuclear weapons and even Japan’s involvement in it.

The Japanese government must stand by the side of the global nuclear weapons abolition, as its Constitution mandates and as the only country to have suffered the atomic bombing. Especially it should join forces for peace and solve conflicts in Asia peacefully, strengthening the tide for achieving a nuclear weapon-free world.

We reiterate our protest against the Abe Government on its remarks embracing the use of nuclear weapons and demand their retraction.